My Passion

Food and sports. It was always my dream to either become a professional sports reporter or a chef. Luckily, I became both.  

My Experience

After 13 years of sports reporting, I followed my dream by auditioning for ABC's hit cooking series, "The Taste." During the 2014 MLB season, while reporting for The Boston Herald, I was cast on Season 3 where I cooked into the finale, surpassing 19 other chefs. 

After "The Taste" aired in 2015, I attended The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts and then joined world-renowned chef Mario Batali at his new Boston restaurant, Babbo Enoteca. It was then I realized that feeding people was my true calling, which led to opening my own private chef company, "Dare To Taste."

The success of Dare To Taste has been nothing short of extraordinary. Over the past three years, we have cooked for over 200 families throughout New England as well as some of the top companies in Boston.  

My only question regarding my career and business is .... what's next?

About Jen Royle