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Welcome! Since I don't have a radio show anymore, I realized I have way too much to say about the world, and 140 characters on Twitter just isn't cutting it. Welcome to my weekly blog where I discuss pretty much all the stuff nobody cares about from the week. Well, people care about Truman and Polly, so lets start there. 


Unbelievable, I know. We are moving AGAIN. I can't even believe it. Here is the recap of our residency. 

2012-2015: The North End

2015-2016: The West End

2016-2017: The Seaport

2017: Charlestown

Why is this happening? Bulldogs and cooking. We had to leave the North End because of the parking situation and my business. I was lugging groceries and cooking equipment up Salem Street and of course dropping shit along the way. Parking was a nightmare and I really needed my car to be less than 50 feet from my apartment. The West End was AMAZING. We had this enormous 2B apartment next to The Garden overlooking The Pru and the Hancock on the 20th floor, but Polly got in a scuffle in the elevator while I was cooking at Clay Buchholz house on the 4th of July, and that was the end of that. 

The Seaport is AMAZING. If you can afford to live here, do it. It has so much to offer. I am obsessed with my apartment, again on the 20th floor, overlooking the harbor. I cannot complain at all about this building or the neighborhood; minus the construction, which is torture. 

Unfortunately, there are too many dogs in this building with way too many blind corners and tight public spaces. There is also no dog park or grass in sight. Its been extremely difficult to take both dogs out at the same time and wait for an elevator that may or may not have two German Shepards coming out. My business has also grown leaps and bounds and my second bedroom, which was my office/storage....well lets just say I can't even get in the door. I moved my office to my dining room table so its been impossible for me to have people over for dinner, unless they don't mind a massive iMac and printer in their face. 

Next Sunday, we are moving a whopping 1.2 miles to beautiful Charlestown and into a 3,300 square foot four-level brownstone with four bedrooms, four baths, seven fireplaces, two parking spaces and A BACK YARD for Truman and Polly to shit all over. My stress level has already gone down significantly. Truman is at his babysitters for two weeks while I pack, and sweet little Polly girl and I will enjoy the Seaport for the short time that's left. Who wants to come over and help me pack?